Calibration of Differential Pressure Gauges Through In Situ Testing

TitleCalibration of Differential Pressure Gauges Through In Situ Testing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsDoran, Ak., Rapa, M, Laske, G, Babcock, J, McPeak, S
JournalEarth and Space Science

Differential pressure gauges (DPGs) are a standard component of modern broadband ocean-bottom seismometer instruments and have proven useful for observing a wide range of seismic and oceanographic phenomena. However, the response function of the DPG remains poorly known, limiting our ability to recover amplitude and phase information from seafloor pressure signals with high fidelity. The sensitivity and long-period response are difficult to calibrate in the lab, as they are known to vary with temperature and pressure and perhaps between sensors of the same design. We present the results of a field experiment designed to determine empirical response functions in situ by inducing a pre-defined pressure offset on a deployed instrument. The results compare favorably with calibrations estimated independently through post-deployment data analyses. Our study demonstrates that observed response functions can deviate from the nominal response by a factor of two or greater with regards to both the sensitivity and the time constant. Incorporating calibration devices such as those described here into future deployments may prove to be a cost-effective way to improve the accuracy and utility of differential pressure data.


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